Ubuntu安装VNC Server


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尽管我们在大部分情况下用ssh登录Ubuntu服务器就好了,但是有时候我们的程序需要在图形界面下运行,这时我们就要用到vnc server这个软件了。在Ubuntu下安装vnc server很简单的,只要下面几步就可以了:


sudo apt-get install vnc4server

第二步,修改VNC Password,不能太短

# vncpasswd

Password: ******



第四步,启动VNC server

# vncserver



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There are many excellent tutorials out there. Some tutorials are too intuitive and it's helpful, but you cannot get it straight on the math details. Some focused on dymestifying math. Some focused on code. I found the best tutorials that give you the conceptual ideas and are possible for implementation without being blind to the math details. Drop a comment if I failed. It would be really appreciable.

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